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Emergency Repair

We provide a 24/7 emergency breakdown service offering our contracted customers up to a 4 hour response from the time you place a call. The engineering teams all operate out of our branded vehicles and carry all essential tools and generic spares. This enables our engineers to offer a first fix on a lot of jobs. The engineers are managed by an experienced service team who select the most appropriate engineer according to location and skills.

Design & Installation

South Coast can provide engineering solutions for many differing needs. We have highly skilled CAD Design Engineers and Project Managers so no job is too complex or too small. Our Design Engineers and Project Managers are with you every step of the way from the initial conceptual discussions through to the final sign off. We have vast experience in projects from Superstore refits, mortuary installation to small independent convenience stores replacement cabinets. We provide all necessary Health & Safety information at the start of the project, provide all RAMS associated with the works and, at the end of the installation, issue all commissioning documentation with drawings and manuals as required.

Industrial Designer
Fixing an Air Conditioner

Service and Maintenance

Just like cars, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment perform better when they receive a regular service. Most equipment problems start out small and can be overlooked but will worsen with time. Our contract customers benefit from two maintenance visits per year, and many small issues will be picked up and remedied during one of these visits, stopping the issue becoming a major problem.

It is also a fact that:

  • Clean condenser coils save energy which means that you save money on your energy bills

  • Regular maintenance ensures that equipment warranties remain valid

  • Clean and well maintenance equipment is quieter, more energy efficient and more reliable

  • Small issues are remedied before they become large, costly problems

  • Regular maintenance will increase your equipment life by a number of years - If parts are worn or dirty a system has to work harder to maintain optimal performance levels, putting even more pressure on it.  If one part fails it can lead to a chain reaction that causes critical components to fail.    

Can you afford for your equipment to breakdown? Speak to one of our team today to discuss your requirements, don't leave it until you have a problem

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