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  • Kirsty Marsh

It's World Engineering Day!

Here at South Coast we are very proud of our amazing team of engineers, from our front line service, maintenance and install engineers to our more 'behind the scenes' sales, design and technical engineers, they all play a massive part in keeping the south coast cool. They do an amazing job on a daily basis.

The Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Sector play a huge and largely unseen role modern life. We keep the data centers operating, we help others to save lives by ensure that medicine is kept at temperature and that modern medicine can keep developing at the rate we need it to, we ensure that you can have a wide range of foods in supermarkets or delivered to your door. Without refrigeration none of this would be possible.

It's reported that there is currently one air-conditioning unit to every seven people on earth at present and this number is only going to rise as global temperatures rise. There are an estimated 14 billion fridges and freezers in the world today and countless refrigerated lorries, warehouses, containers, medical appliances and other devices that require cooling. The sector is ensuring that the technology is evolving not only to cope with this demand but it's evolving to make the sector greener and inline with the commitment to net zero carbon pledges in an effort to tackle climate change.

RACHP engineers, whether service, maintenance, design or install, at South Coast, our allies, our competition or our manufacturers, you all do a fantastic job on a daily basis, keep up the good work!

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