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  • Kirsty Marsh

Refrigeration Maintenance, how important is it?

If your business depends on your equipment to operate then it is essential that it is regularly serviced and well maintained.

Today we're going to look in to the benefits of regularly servicing your refrigeration equipment, whether this is - coldrooms chiller or freezer, chilled or frozen cabinets, ice machines, cellar coolers, mortuary coldrooms, air conditioning - the benefits to your business are all similar.

Firstly, and possibly most importantly in the current economical climate would be cost, every business, everywhere is looking to save money. This is nothing new, its good business sense. Regularly maintaining your refrigeration equipment can save your business money

Clean and well maintained equipment is more energy efficient so will save you money on energy bills, according to recent studies this could be as much as 23%

Ensuring that your equipment is clean and well maintained also extends the life of that equipment which will save you money in the long run

When you purchase new equipment if you look in the small print the warranty will say something along the lines of "X years parts warranty - subject to the correct maintenance" I can almost guarantee that if you look, those five little words will be in there somewhere. So if you aren't regularly servicing your equipment, then you are invalidating your warranty which will cost you money should something go wrong with the equipment within the warranty period.

Servicing your equipment will mean that the equipment is running at optimal performance, so there is less stress being put on its components, they'll last longer

Checking the system settings are correct could actually save you money. Your equipment does exactly what your controller tells it to do, if the controller is set up incorrectly then your cabinet could be running for longer than it needs to. The correct settings could save you money on your energy bills

Door seals - these aren't just an EHO issue, faulty door seals will be costing you money. If warm air is getting in from outside then your equipment has to work harder to maintain temperature, this will increase your energy consumption

The next thing to consider is how critical your equipment is to your business, can you function without it? If your coldroom fails, you could lose hundreds, or thousands of pounds worth of stock. If you haven't properly serviced your equipment then you probably won't be able to claim on your insurance

Another thing to consider is your reputation, if your equipment isn't clean and well maintained then you are leaving your self open to bacteria getting in to the equipment and in to anything stored in the equipment. If people get sick when they visit your establishment your can guarantee they won't be returning, and they'll tell everyone that they know. Negative reviews travel a lot further than the good ones

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