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  • Kirsty Marsh

We're back...not that we ever left

Hello everyone!

Its been a while since we last updated you on our exploits! Whilst we may have been quiet on the website & social media front our engineers have been busy on the front line keeping the South Coast cool in the warm lockdown weather. So I'm going to use this first post to say a massive thank you and express how grateful we are.

Our engineers have been supporting the essential services - schools, hospitals, supermarkets etc - with reactive work, essential maintenance and installation work. They have worked hard through these difficult and uncertain COVID-19 times and truly deserve our thanks.

As lockdown has continued to ease and more businesses have begun opening their doors, our engineers have been on hand to cater to any needs they may have,

Thank you to our fantastic engineers, your skills, knowledge and resilience have been appreciated by many (including us) in these past months.

We couldn't have completed many of these calls if it wasn't for our suppliers who have had to adapt the way they work to keep their doors open! Without you being there supporting us with essential parts or new kit we'd have struggled! Thank you, we are truly grateful and appreciate each and every one of you

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