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  • Kirsty Marsh

World Refrigeration Day... The coolest day of the year

Have you ever thought about how the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry impacts your life on a daily basis? Have you thought about how it is critical to many industries?

June 26th 2019 will mark the first ever World Refrigeration Day, which got us thinking about how a lot of the time the industry is a bit dare we say... 'invisible' I bet not many careers advisers suggest 'Refrigeration Engineer' when advising school leavers on a trade.

However, on any given day the AC&R industry impacts everyone in many ways, you put cold milk in to your morning coffee thanks to your refrigerator, you get in your climate controlled car and have a comfortable journey thanks to your vehicles air conditioning, thanks to the ability to cool server farms your mobile phone and computers work. When you go to the supermarket you have a huge variety of fresh produce because of the refrigeration equipment and refrigerated transports which gets it there.

If you peel back another layer, the ability to save lives through blood transfusions is made possible by the ability to store the collected blood, again this is only possible thanks to the ability to freeze products, vital life saving medication must be kept at certain temperatures which is only possible thanks to the ability to regulate temperature.

You'd be hard pushed to find any aspect of your life which isn't directly or indirectly impacted by the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. So without the ability to design, install, maintain and service these systems, life could be quite different. Which is why we support the formation of World Refrigeration Day, it's nice to have a day which celebrates our vital but often over looked industry.

June 26th 2019... the coolest day of the year

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